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Gears are widely used in the industry. Using the gear device, the small turning force (torque) can be amplified, but also can change the speed of low-speed rotation. For example, power drives, or gears, such as the gearbox at the heart of wind power, the gearbox in cars, and the reducer on the ferris wheel, are indispensable to many industries.  Hua Ying Te  also supports the world by providing support for the most important element of the gear, the "rotating" bearings.

In the event of damage to the gear, the user will have a very negative impact, so bearings need to have very high reliability.  Hua Ying Te  is committed to the pursuit of the best design and improve production quality, to reduce user maintenance costs, provide a variety of long life, high load capacity, high reliability of bearings.

In the future,  Hua Ying Te will continue to play its comprehensive ability, pay attention to environmental issues, efforts to develop a smoother transmission, can be more long-term praise the new generation of special gear bearings.