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Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery that enables efficient and stable food production has become increasingly important in the face of growing concern about food shortages worldwide. There are many kinds of agricultural machinery that adapt to the use environment and crop types of each country and region.

In a number of agricultural machinery, the most representative is the tractor. The tractor is a traction machine that installs various kinds of working machines on the power department of the front and rear of the vehicle body to realize ploughing, sowing, fertilizing and spraying.

Bearings are used in the gearbox, wheel hub, engine and other parts of the tractor, and most of them are used under muddy and heavy load conditions. In addition, the agricultural machinery used in Europe and the United States and other vast farmland is gradually developing towards the direction of large-scale, bearing use conditions become more stringent. Under such conditions of use, the customer has put forward the requirements of high reliability and high cost performance for bearings.

In order to support the world's agricultural productivity,Hua Ying Te  adopts heat treatment technology that is resistant to mud and water environment, material technology that is resistant to heavy loads and unique optimization design technology, and carries out technological innovation day and night to meet customers' requirements.