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The aerospace industry makes our life more convenient and better, and promotes the communication between people, makes us more free and where we want to go! Bearings are an important part of supporting aerospace. Try to think about it. Without bearings, we will never take our aircraft. We can only live in one place! How inconvenient!

Today, all major commercial and military aircraft manufacturers and primary suppliers use Hua Ying Te lightweight maintenance free bearings for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Hua Ying Te bearing solutions are widely used in aviation applications, from landing gear, flight control and engine to various customized applications in passenger seats and aerospace industry.

Our aircraft bearing solutions are used for a variety of aerospace applications from landing gear, flight control and engines to passenger seats, as well as a variety of customized applications in the aerospace industry:

---Landing gear strut, flap actuator, hydraulic fuel pump, flight control system, electric actuator, engine.

---Aircraft interior: seat mechanism, overhead luggage compartment, cargo floor, latch, hinge.